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handshake 10515693_MI attended a seminar this week and one of the questions raised was 'How to overcome objection'


The question was left unanswered but judging by the conversation through out the day it is obviously a concern for lots of business people and an important part of converting more sales.


Here are some hints & tips to help you convert more sales by overcoming objections:

  • If you are dealing with an objection it is because you haven't sold your product/service effectively in the beginning. Ask good questions, determine the needs and wants of your prospect, then fill the gap with the benefits of your product/service provides.


  • Should you still come up against an objection really listen to what your prospect is saying. Try to fully understand what their objection is and agree whole heartedly with their point as it will ease the tension and help them feel relaxed thus making it easier for you to start to turn the situation around.


  • Confirm if that is the only objection they have otherwise you will be facing hurdle after hurdle which could prevent you from taking the sale to the finishing line.


  • Determine if their objection is clear and identify their needs and wants. Repeat back to them what you have heard and confirm that if you could give them that or take that away or do what ever is required to overcome their objection (don't use those words though - be explicit but talk in a way that is friendly and comfortable for your prospect) would they be happy to proceed with the sale.


  • Once you have got a 'Yes' from your prospect start by addressing each of their concerns (objections) with a benefit of using your product/service. Now is not the time to list features (see the video link on the left for more information about benefits/features). This would be a great juncture to bring in testimonials and comments on how your clients have benefited from using your product/service. Make your examples relevant to your prospects objections.


  • Confirm if what you have just said has answered your prospect's questions, addressed their concerns, etc. Reconfirm point 4 and summarise your statements again. Say things like "you said XYZ was a concern, I hope I showed you how other people had this concern but by doing ABC they are now valued and loyal customers of ours"


  • Repeat point 4 by saying something like "So you said that if I could remove XYZ you would be happy to work with us?" or "Since we have agreed that concern has been allayed can I assume that you are happy to proceed with the sale now?" If you have handled this situation effectively the answer should be YES all you have to do now is close the sale.



  1. Handling an objection is time consuming so try and get your sales approach right at the beginning. 
  2. In order to make a sale easier try to really listen to your prospect/client and sell them the benefits of your product/service.
  3. Avoiding merely listing features as they do not add value.
  4. If you ask good questions and listen to what you client really needs and wants you can match your proposition accordingly and close more sales.