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 1.    Shoulda, woulda, coulda

If you find yourself saying “I must do ….”, “I should do ….”, “I really ought to……” ask yourself why are you not doing these things? By quietly and carefully considering each situation you may learn that you will achieve a worse outcome by doing it than not - if so, stop wasting your energy on these negative thoughts. Dump them or do them!

2.     Impatience

Have a coping strategy for dealing with delays – have a good book handy and lose yourself in it, carry a note book and pen with you and jot down your thoughts and ideas whilst waiting in a queue, enjoy the extra  time afforded to you. Consider what you will you gain from getting impatient and what will you lose?

3.     You choose

The more you perceive yourself as choosing what to do, the more chance you’ll have of getting what you want in life. Make a plan of what you want to achieve today, tomorrow, the rest of your life and start taking action to achieve your goals. 

4.     Lower your expectations

"We create a lot of stress through our own perfectionism but, in most cases, good enough really is good enough" say Dr Rosemary Anderson, a psychologist and stress management consultant. In most cases people prefer to be around someone who is more relaxed about life than someone who is anxious about doing things perfectly.

5.     Downsize your commitments

"Most people feel drained for the simple reason that they’re over committed on every front. Make a list of all your responsibilities – starting with the most essential and working downwards – then draw a line through the middle. Cancel, excuse yourself from or delegate everything that falls below that line. We can make ourselves too important, and delegating enables the people around us to share some responsibility,” explains Dr Anderson.