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If you are reading this page you probably have achieved good results in your business to date and have a nice regular income but you are looking for more than that.


Perhaps you are getting a little frustrated with your progress because you know you deserve more - bigger and better and faster results.


May be you are just looking to grow your business and need to recruit a team or want to improve your marketing and sales systems so they quickly and easily bring you in more clients.


Or you have a vision in your head about how your business will look and feel in the near future but you need someone to coach you through how to make that vision a reality.


Whatever your situation, if you are looking to achieve business growth and want to work one to one with me then congratulations you have landed on the right page!


More about the VIP Programme

This is an annual bespoke programme designed to help you achieve the results you deserve.


  • Your goal is at the forefront of the agenda (we can determine this goal together if you don't already have one in mind)


  • The programme consists of full day sessions held once a quarter - you can use this time as you wish. Clients have used me to sit in on staff meetings, interviews, sales meetings, used the time to compose a business plan, created visions for the future, map out a plan of action of how to achieve their goals, and much more.


  • One to one monthly coaching sessions - used to keep you focussed and on track with your goals. During these sessions we can determine what may be holding you back, uncover and remove limiting beliefs, etc. Whatever you want to work on these coaching sessions usually generate a 'Ah Ha' or a 'Eureka moment' which generally leads to a positive and quick result both personally and professionally
  • Telephone and email access to me - our clients find this service invaluable when they are stuck making a decision, need some inspiration, want a kick up the backside, need contacts or access to resources, etc.
  • Using our business knowledge (specialism in sales and marketing) we will provide you with the training you require to ensure you have the skills you need to meet your objectives

This programme is by application only - if you are interested in working one to one with me to help you set and achieve your annual business and personal goals then contact me today to learn more about the application process.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07789 908592


We look forward to working with you.


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Leanne Flower

Founder of Eurika Training & Coaching

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