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90 day program providing critical training for new businesses to help them attract clients and make money fast.

Congratulations on taking the plunge and starting your own business.  I bet you are full of excitement but also trepidation.  These first few years will be critical for you as only 50% of business start-ups make it through to their second year of trading and many of those will still go through by year 5.

I’m not saying this to rain on your parade or dampen your spirit merely to help you as I too was once a business start- up (way back in 2008) and I know how hard it can be to launch a business and get a steady stream of clients coming to your business so you can pay your bills and start to enjoy financial freedom.

The top cited reasons why business fail are:

tick  They think short term and have no long term vision

tick  They lack business, sales, and marketing experience

tick  They run out money and mis-manage their time


The government has recognised how important SMEs are to the economy and are investing heavily in helping them survive but having been on all their courses and getting lots of help and advice what I know you need is straight talking practical advice and some hand holding support to help you get your product and service to marketing.  You want to know how can you get people to buy from you and then keep them coming back for more.

There will also be many things that you need to know but they probably haven’t crossed your radar yet, things like:

red arrow bullet  How to save money on a marketing campaign

red arrow bullet  Why niching is a really great ideas in the early days

red arrow bullet  How to use networking events to get to a wider audience

red arrow bullet  How to create a compelling sales proposition

red arrow bullet  How to write web pages that sell


 And so on ...


Over the past 7 years I have worked with literally hundreds of business owners and helped them to increase their revenue and their profits and not only survive but thrive in our recent economic recession and I want to help you too by inviting you to join our Roots Before Branches 3 Month Intensive Boot Camp Program.  


What's Included

1 Day Fast Track Strategy Day


This is a great opportunity for you to meet me and your fellow group members and learn more about each other – after all this is going to be an intensive journey and you are going to need lots of support to help you through these early days as an entrepreneur.

During the day you will work on your 90 day strategy.  I’ll provide you will guidance and tools to help you focus on what you want to achieve and how to achieve it with speed and efficiency.  This is an intensive day and you will be delighted with how much you will have achieved.  You’ll come away with a workable and practical plan of how to achieve your financial goals and have a very clear focus of where to apply your time and effort during this bootcamp.


The date and venue will be scheduled when you join the program.


1 Hour 1 to 1 Focused Coaching Session


This is your time to really focus on what you want to achieve and delve into the details.  I’ll challenge you and question your decisions so you feel that you really own what you want to achieve and there is no doubt in your mind that you deserve success.  I’ll hold you as powerful and able to hit your goals.  I’ll be your believing eyes and I’ll also call you out if I know you can achieve more or are self-sabotaging your results.  During this session you’ll discover any limiting beliefs that may not be serving you, create SMART and powerful goals, and have an action plan to really turbo boost your business results.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls


During the calls you will share with the group your list of successes and achievements thereby keeping you accountable and enabling you to stay on track to achieve your goals.  You will also have the opportunity to bring challenges and obstacles to the table so the group and I can help you work on a solution and eliminate distractions that would otherwise hinder your results.   These calls will take every Monday at 10.30 am and will be recorded just in case you can’t make a call or you want to listen again to the success stories and invaluable advice imparted.


Weekly 1 Hour Business Training Webinars


The purpose of each training webinar is to share with you information that will transform the way you do business and enable you to create cash injections.  Each webinar will be recorded for you to listen to time and time again.

Content will be based on the requirements of the group.   Example subject matter is likely to include:

tick  Managing your sales pipeline

tick  Identifying that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your contacts

tick  Why niching is an important key to saving you money and time

tick  How to identify your target audience and speak to them in their language

tick  Creating a compelling sales message

tick  How to compose marketing material that will make prospects raise their hand

tick  The power of networking and creating a powerful elevator pitch

tick  Marketing on a shoe string

tick  The power of social media and how to manage your online presence

tick  Time management – staying focused

tick  Why a CRM database will be your most powerful tool

tick  How to automate your marketing so you make money whilst you sleep

tick  Creating a successful marketing campaign

tick  Establishing yourself as an expert

tick  Converting more enquiries and overcoming objections

tick  How to never make a cold call again

tick  Overcoming limiting beliefs and increasing personal confidence levels

tick  What would you like your image to say about you?


This program is valued at £1997 but I know that it is very unlikely that you have that kind of money to invest at this early stage of your business, or if you did you would probably want to hold on to it for a rainy day (BTW I will help you overcome that way of thinking and show you a way to attract an abundance of money ).


I’m not about quick wins.  I want to invest in you and work with you over a much longer period of time. To show my commitment to you I want to offer you this invaluable program for just £397 which is a little over £32 a week. And to make this completely affordable for you, you are welcome to spread the payment over three easy instalments of £132.50.



Places are limited so sign up today to secure your spot





Just £132.50 for three short but very successful months

If you feel that you can’t afford to join then please give me a call and I will show you a way of how to cover the cost easily and effortlessly. 


You owe this to yourself, your customers, and your family to remain in business and make it a financial success.  Let me and your group work with you to give you a fighting chance and allow me to show you a quick and easy way to turbo boost your financial revenue over 12 short weeks.


This Program Is For You If ...

  • You are a business start-up (trading for less than 2 years)
  • You don’t have a steady stream of customers or aren’t making the money you thought you would by now
  • You are willing to commit just 90 days to transforming your business results
  • You have a ‘can do, no excuses’ attitude and are willing to do what it takes
  • You are willing and ready to act on best practice advice  

  • It Is Not For You If ...

  • You have trouble carrying out what you say you will do
  • You don’t value or appreciate that you have to invest your business in order to improve your results
  • You’re not ready to attract more customers and take your business to another level
  • You have a negative attitude and make excuses and blame others or circumstances for your results
  • You are not ready to make a commitment to becoming a successful business owner

    So are you ready to accept this level of commitment and accountability?  Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business?  Are you ready to get serious about taking your business to another level?


    If you are then now is the time to grab your place and join this business transformation program.






    07789 908592

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    What people say about working with Leanne Flower:
    “Since working with Leanne my revenue has more than doubled and I have more leisure time than ever before” Tracy Shepherd Regan

    “I have exceeded my sales target year to date, have increased the business like for like sales on last year, I have the drive to achieve goals I have set myself and have a greater understanding of what I really want from my work and personal life” Sian Livesy

    “Leanne is the most experienced and thorough consultant that I have ever instructed. She has commendable attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of her disciplines. Also she is able to make projects enjoyable and understandable. She is a pleasure to work with” Paul Flello

    “Leanne is a fantastic coach. She has helped us find direction in our business. The personal boost in confidence I have gained since working with Leanne has been incredible, she has helped me see the true value I can offer to others.   If you are hesitating or wondering if coaching is right for you, go and see Leanne, you will be so glad you did” Damien O'Dwyer


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