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You have a regular stream of customers and money coming in.  You know how to survive and make just enough money but you’re maxed out and have hit your ceiling …  where to go from here?



As a successful SME you’re probably realising that running a business takes a lot more time and energy than you ever imagined. It’s likely that you feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day and that you are fast becoming a slave to your business.   The more successful you become the more tied up you become in your business.  As the single point of contact in your business you are permanently on call and feel an overwhelming need to check your emails and take calls all hours of the day and night.  ‘Switching off’ is a challenge as is getting a full night’s sleep.


You may have already started to recruit help but as a perfectionist you may be reluctant to ‘let go’ of tasks thinking that no one will be able to do things as well as you or feel you may lose clients if they don’t deal with you directly.


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Many businesses ‘go through’ at this stage as the owners become overworked, stressed and quite frankly… burnt-out!  

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Well I’m here to tell you that if any of the above resonates with you, you should be celebrating as you are on the verge of business growth …. all it takes is for you to step out of your comfort zone, learn new skills, and surround yourself with people who can support you at this milestone moment.



It is entirely possible for you to enjoy a leap in financial revenue.  It’s entirely possible for you to earn more money whilst working less hours.  And it’s entirely possible for you to fully absorb yourself in business items that you are good at and enjoy whilst relinquishing tasks that don’t serve you.

Your business growth will be stunted or even negatively impacted if you are the only person in your business. You need support but the right type of support.You also need access to information, finances, and people who can share industry knowledge, business know how, and quick fire solutions. 


You Need The Mighty Oaks Program

Mighty Oaks is a program for business owners who already know how to attract clients and are now looking to grow their business and make more profits whilst working less hours. During this program you will discover very quickly how to leverage your time when we share with you proven business strategies that have helped our clients increase their revenue (some by as much as 600%).


This is a practical program so everything you learn, if implemented, will positively affect your revenue, profits and time invested in your business.

You’ll be shown how to focus your time and energy on your most lucrative projects and how to easily incorporate the services of key personnel who will instantly release you from time consuming and cumbersome tasks.   

At this juncture you will feel re-energised and will be able to work through strategies that will help you systemise and automate the way you do business, leaving you free to work on your business and discover creative ways to significantly increase your income as you work smarter rather than harder.


As well as providing you with a clearer mindset, more money and more time, the Mighty Oaks program really adds value by providing you with the opportunity to surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs.


Don't just take our word for it, click on the video links below to hear what just some of our exising and graduated members of our annual programs have to say about the results they have achieved:
Secured big contact                              Increased revenue decreased time    Secured new employment
Expanded team and premises              Award winning achievements             Hit sales targets and won holiday





2 Day Laser Focused Strategy Weekend

This program is capped at 10 business owners in order to maximise the time you have with Leanne Flower and the team.  This is an intense 2 day elite retreat where you will have the opportunity to give your full focus to what you what to achieve over the coming year.  You’ll be involved in various activities that will make you really question and challenge your decisions. 


At the end of the weekend you will come away completely satisfied that you have a working plan of how to take your business to the next level.  Not only that but you will have broken this plan down into easily achievable milestones.  You’ll feel empowered and fired up to take action.  Leanne and the team will be present throughout the two days providing training and coaching and facilitating your engagement and maximising your experience with the other inspiring entrepreneurs.   


You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve by taking yourself away from distractions and really giving your time and attention to focusing on what you want and making a plan to work smarter rather than harder.


3 x 1 Day Fast Track Your Results Retreats

These focused and intense retreats will be held every quarter and are designed to:

tickHelp you stay on track with your goals


tickProvide you with business insight and knowledge


tickIntroduce you to industry experts and guest speakers


tickRedirect you and realign your goals if required


tickShare industry best practices


tickGive you an opportunity to check in with your fellow members


tickShare your achievements and ask for help and advice


tickEnable you overcome any limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours


tickTurbo boost your results by being engaged, inspired and motivated


**  All retreats will be held in idyllic locations away from your business and other commitments therefore allowing you to fully absorb yourself in a re-energising and highly focused environment.  The 2 day retreat includes overnight accommodation, breakfast, refreshments, lunch and dinner.   The day retreats include refreshments, lunch and dinner.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls
During the calls you will share with the group your list of successes and achievements thereby keeping you accountable and enabling you to stay on track to achieve your goals.  You will also have the opportunity to bring challenges and obstacles to the table so the group and your coach can help you work on a solution and eliminate distractions that would otherwise hinder your results.   These calls will take every Monday and will be recorded just in case you can’t make a call or you want to listen again to the success stories and invaluable advice imparted.

Online Closed Group Forum
When the group commences you will be given instructions on how to log onto the online forum. This is a designated area where you and your group can keep in touch and keep each other motivated  throughout the program.  You can share information, give advice, offer support, and keep each other positive 24/7.

Monthly Webinars
The purpose of these webinars is to increase your business knowledge and provide you with powerful ways to significantly increase your business results.  Best practices will be shared by Leanne Flower, the team and industry specialist guest speakers.  You’ll learn how to get more clients, how to create a winning sales pitch, where to go for an injection of capital, how to automate your business, what to do to generate fast injections of sales revenue, how to grow your team, tips to becoming a more efficient leader and manager and so much more besides.  These webinars can be accessed from the comfort of your home or whilst travelling and will be recorded so you can listen to them again at your leisure.

Monthly Action Taking Days
When working for yourself it is easily to put off what can easily be done today.  During these focused action taking days you and your group will call in and commit to doing something that you have been putting off or to doing something that you know will really make a positive difference to your results…. If you only just got on and did it!  You’ll call in every hour and update the group with how you got on and then commit to another action.  You'll be so surprised not only by the results you achieve but by how great you will feel by taking action.

2  x One Hour 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions
These 1 to 1 sessions are incredibly powerful and have enabled our clients to achieve some amazing transformations; not only in their businesses but in their personal life too.  Just imagine a completely confidential environment where you work closely with your coach who will hold you as powerful until you see it for yourself.  An environment where you can completely let down your guard and explore what you need to do, and who you need to become, to truly start living the life you imagined for yourself.  An environment where you will be positively challenged, questioned, and encouraged to look at what has stopped you getting what you really want.  You’ll quickly determine that anything is possible for you then take ownership for achieving remarkable and rewarding results.

1  x Visit From Your Coach To Your Place Of Work

During this visit we cover the following:  

tick  Review the results of a personality profile we would have asked you to complete online before our visit and work with you to set any goals relating to the results


tick  Review the results of a 360 Degree appraisal completed by your team (again completed in advance of our visit) and work with you to set any goals relating to the results 


tick  Work through any challenges you may have with your work place e.g. IT systems, Emails, Sales Meetings, Customer meetings (we can sit in on these meetings if you find it beneficial) 


This visit is friendly and informal.  It's great for us to see you in your environment and for you to show off your growing team. 

1  x Team Building Day

So often we see companies failing because a breakdown of trust and communication within their teams.  To prevent this from happening to you we have incorporated a team building day into your program to enable you and your employees to work well together.

Your team has a wealth of experience and you have recruited them primarily to be released from doing 'their job'.  Our vision is for you and your team to work as one well oiled machine; Trusting and relying on each other.  When your team are working efficiently you can focus fully on running the business, inspiring the team and winning new business.

You can decide when you would like this event to take place - you may want to wait until the end of the annual program.

What is included:

tick  Prior to the event taking place you will work with your coach/trainer to outline your desired outcome for this team building day


tick  A team event plan will be created and can be adapted until we have an event that suits your requirements


tick  On a pre-agreed date you and the team will meet your trainer/coach at an agreed location and enjoy the team building activity


** Transportation costs are not included in this program. Eurika will use their preferred training locations or the event can be held of your office if it considered to be suitable.  Lunch and refreshments are included.


WARNING! This program is not for everyone.


This is a high achievement and high income generating program.  It’s not for everyone the question is, is it for you?


Eurika Training and Coaching Limited has a reputation for achieving results and ensuring that our clients achieve results that more than pay for their investment.  It is important that we only invite people onto our Mighty Oaks program who will be successful and that is why access to this program is via an interview (albeit informal) process.  

It is likely that this program will take you outside your comfort zone and we want to be sure that you are the type of person who is happy for us to push you when we know that you have what it takes to get bigger results.

We also want to be sure that you will give this program your full commitment both in terms of time, implementation, and financially.


This program is restricted to just 10 places which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis so if you are ready to step up and take your business to another level and know that you will be fully supported as you do that then contact us immediately so we can discuss your motivation and suitability.

Please contact me today for a friendly chat to see if this is a perfect fit at this moment in time for you:  07789 908592 or email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    



Congratulations in advance for taking a leap of faith, stepping up, and taking your business to the next level!






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