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expanding-your-networkCourse duration:

34 minutes video accompanied by a 'Do's & Don't' networking fact sheet and instructions on how to create a perfect elevator pitch 



£25 - online - immediate access


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Course Overview

Whether you are just starting out in business or an established business person, networking is a very effective way of extending your reach to potential clients and building up a list of contacts to support your business.


Many people believe that networking 'doesn't work' however there is plenty of evidence to contradict that belief. 


Networking is a skill that, once mastered, generates a substantial return on time and money invested.  It's marketing at it's best.  Networking is essentially all about getting people to know, like, and trust you... and when they do ... they will refer you to others and put you in touch with key people that you need to meet.


Topics Covered:


  • What is networking and why bother?

  • Check list of what to do before you attend a networking event

  • Why it's important to set yourself a SMART goal before you attend an event

  • Managing your personal brand

  • How to creating an elevator pitch

  • Learning how to work a room

  • Why it's important to ask for what you want

  • How to be a good networker check list

  • Following up - networking success is much more than just turning up!



Outcomes Of the Course:  


red arrow bullet  A full comprehension of why networking is a skill

red arrow bullet  Know how to connect with the right people

red arrow bullet  A full check list of what to do and what not to do in a networking environment

red arrow bullet  Confidently speak to people and ask for their support

red arrow bullet  Connect with people at a different level - build stronger referral relationships

red arrow bullet  Understand why networking is so effective if you follow the check list

red arrow bullet  An elevator pitch that get's people to sit up and take notice


Benefit To The Organisation:   


  • Improves the quality of your brand
  • Increases employee confidence in meeting new contacts
  • Increases your contacts database
  • Improves potential for new business


Who should attend: 


  • This course is essential for SME owners looking to grow their business
  • Sales people who appreciate that most people know at least 100 people and that you are never more than 3 people removed from someone that you want to meet
  • Business owners or executives who want to improve their business stature by having a wider contacts base
  • People who know the value of the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know!"



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Wishing you much networking success.


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