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Strategic PartnersCourse duration:

36 minutes video



£25 - online - immediate access


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Course Overview


Getting business can be a slow burn activity, especially if you are only sales person for a company or are just a small team.  Sales = revenue which is essential for business growth and survival; the quicker you can make sales the better it is for the company.  Working with Strategic Partners and creating Joint Venture Partners can really speed up the sales process (attracting warm leads to your business) and can often improve the relationship you have with your clients (by introducing complementary products/services)


Topics Covered:


  • How to quickly increase your company exposure?

  • What is an affiliate and how can you benefit from the partnership

  • What are joint ventures and strategic partnerships and how they can benefit your business and sales revenue

  • Points to ponder and thoughts to consider before you 'jump into bed' with other companies


Outcomes Of the Course:  


red arrow bullet  A full understanding of the benefits these relationships can bring

red arrow bullet  Insight into who could be a potential business partner

red arrow bullet  Sanity check list of what to consider before joining forces with other companies


Benefit To The Organisation:   


  • Raise the profile of your business
  • Increase your contacts data base
  • Generate passive income
  • Increase warm leads and sales revenue


Who should attend: 


  • This course is essential for SME owners looking to grow their business
  • Small companies or teams responsible for generating sales
  • Business owners who appreciate that two hands are better than one
  • Business owners or sales people who want to add value to their clients' experience


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Wishing you success finding perfect business partners.


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