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Course duration:

1 full day



£250 per person

(Requires 4+ people to run)


In-house reductions available for 4+ delegates - contact us to learn more


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or call Leanne on 07789 908592

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Course Overview

Sales is at the heart of survival for organisation.  Without money coming in you have no business!  Sales is a skill and the more you invest in learning it and practicing it the more successful you will become at it. 


In theory making a sales is easy, it's simply a matter of understanding your target audience, knowing their needs and wants, and then satisfying their needs and wants.  Although in reality being successful in sales encompasses so much more.  It takes time, dedication, discipline, a 'can do' attitude, a passion for your product or service, and a very positive and driven disposition.


During today's course we will introduce you to a way of selling that will seem natural. This course will teach you the principles of selling and show you how to enjoy the process so selling becomes easy and fun!


Who should attend?

Content and exercises are applicable across various industry sectors and to those selling products and / or services:

  •  Employees new to sales
  • Sales people who are strugging to hit their sales targets
  • Sales people who know how to sell but need to be inspired and motivated again to hit their targets
  • Business owners who are new to selling and need to attract paying customers
  • Anyone in a revenue generating role


 Topics Covered:

  • Understand the habits of successful sales people 
  • Defining and managing the sales pipeline 
  • Creating and developing new opportunities 
  • Developing improve and consistent sales forecasts to meet revenue targets
  • Practical guide to fundamental stages in making a sales call:
    • Open the sales call / meeting ~ positioning yourself and your company
    • Investigate ~ smart questioning techniques to uncover customers needs
    • Situation / Start Questions ~ and how to limit unnecessary questions
    • Problem Questions – to uncover current difficulties & dissatisfactions
    • Consequence Questions – exploring the problems to uncover needs
    • Benefit Questions – ensuring your customer values your solution vs cost 
    • Demonstrate value – when to introduce solutions and show how you can help. 
    • Asking For The Sale - ensuring that you do and know when to ask for the sale
    • Handle Objections - how to avoid them and, if they arise, how to overcome them
    • Closing The Sale-  gain commitment and following up on the sale


By the end of the course:

At the end of the course you will leave with a full understanding of the sales cycle, and a framework to advance your opportunities and close business. Furthermore, this course will provide you with the confidence and drive to ensure you maximise the revenue potential from your sales opportunities.



Make a booking or enquire:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call Leanne on 07789 908592



07789 908592

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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