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Customer Service On The Telephone

Course duration:

1 full day 



Price available on request 



Can be run as an in-house course or training facilities can be sourced 


Make a booking or enquire:

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Course Overview

In this competitive economy it is essential that you attract and keep clients.  Customer service is a critical part of this process.  A telephone conversation may be the only contact you have with your customers or incoming enquiries, it is therefore essential that you master the skills to keep the conversation flowing; obtain important information; and ensure your customer – or potential customer – leaves the call with a good impression of your company.


Topics Covered:

Communication skills

  • Understanding communication skills – listening, questioning, clear language
  • How to communicate in the absence of face to face interaction
  • Body language – the importance of a smile when you dial Smile
  • Voice – tone, pace, words
  • Personality types and building rapport over the telephone


Handling difficult customers

  • Building personal confidence
  • The effect of words, tone and voice
  • Understanding the need for good listening skills
  • Developing a questioning technique, prompting answers on which to base decisions
  • Taking responsibility without taking the blame
  • Personal discipline and control, handling pressure
  • Summarising customers wants and needs – action and agreement


Understanding your company brand and goals

  • What image does your company want to portray?
  • How does your company want customers to feel?
  • What does your company want customers to say about it?
  • Learn how to encapsulate your company’s customer goals in your interaction with customers.
  • Surprise and delight the customer
  • How to make the customer feel important
  • Doing what you said you would do
  • Exceeding expectations


Outcomes Of the Course:  

red arrow bullet  Fully realise the fundamental need for excellent and professional customer handling skills

red arrow bullet  Confidently look forward to receiving a telephone call

red arrow bullet  Understand the importance of first impressions and how to portray a perfect company image

red arrow bullet  Assertively handle difficult customers and turn them into raving fans

red arrow bullet  Use communication skills to determine precise requirements

red arrow bullet  Ensure that all callers are responded to quickly and made to feel uniquely important! 

red arrow bullet  Show, by example, how all members of the organisation can project a positive impage to all callers,

      thus maintaining a favourable opinion by customers, suppliers, and the public at large


Benefit To The Organisation:   

  • Ensure that employees portray a positive company image and deal with customers effectively
  • Improves the quality of your brand
  • Increases employee confidence in handling difficult customers
  • Improves employee communication skills as a whole


Who should attend: 


  • This course is essential for anyone who is first port of call for incoming enquires and those who are in daily contact with customers over the telephone.
  • The content of the course is also relevant for those who want to increase their confidence when using the phone as a business tool and generally improve their level of communication.




Make a booking or enquire:

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Call Leanne on 07789 908592



 07789 908592

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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