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managementCourse duration:

3 full days



£750 per person

(Requires 4+ people to run)


In-house reductions available for 4+ delegates - contact us to learn more


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Course Overview


You have excelled in your career and have now been promoted to manager.  You may find the transition from employee to manager challenging, especially so if you are managing your colleagues.


It is said that a manager is only as good as the people who are in their team, whilst a team is only as good as their manager!  To effectively manage and motivate your team you will need to learn what it takes to efficiently manage a department (or small company) whilst also developing, delegating, and inspiring your team.  This involves fully mastering management elements and emotional intelligence skills too.




This course combines a blend of theory and practical interactive exercises.  Most exercises will draw on real life examples and can be applied directly into the workplace


Who should attend?


  • Managers who are new to their role and want to learn how to improve the productivity of their team
  • New managers who have found themselves in a leadership/management role and need support whilst they make the transition from staff to manager
  • Managers who want to learn how to motivate and manage different personality types and bring individuals together in a bid to create a productive team
  • Managers who have been in the role for a short while and are struggling and know they could improve their department performance but don't know how


Topics Covered:

Introduction To Leadership & Management

  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management
  • The characteristics of a good manager


Goal Setting

  • The importance of setting clear goals
  • Determining how to measure the success of a goal
  • Setting clear and measurable goals for individual team members


Managing and motivating individuals

  • An introduction to motivation theory and understanding the importance of a happy and motivated workforce
  • Applying motivation theory to your team
  • Understanding and communicating with different personality types
  • The power of understanding how people learn and how to speak to them in their modality
  • Understanding values and beliefs and the importance they play when managing and motivating employees
  • Influencing skills – how to quickly get staff to support you by building rapport, talking to them in their language and ensuring you present your case in a win win manner


Managing Effective Teams

  • Introduction to the theory of teams
  • The importance of determining stages of a team’s life cycle
  • Managing teams at different stages of the team’s life cycle
  • Understanding the difference between an effective and an unproductive team


Time Management

  • How to work smarter rather than harder
  • Full analysis of contributors and distractors of your main goal
  • Managing emails
  • Hosting an effective meeting


Assertiveness and Delegation Skills

  • Identifying key skills and competencies of your team
  • The importance of effective delegation skills
  • How to say No without saying No
  • Understanding boundaries
  • Learning when it’s okay to ask for opinions and when it’s okay to say “This is what we are going to do”


Holding an Effective Appraisal

  • What is the purpose of an appraisal
  • Timings and protocols relating to hosting an appraisal
  • Setting clear and measureable objectives
  • The importance of active listening and the use of good questions
  • Giving feedback and avoiding conflict


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:


  • Know the key attributes of a successful manager
  • Apply techniques learnt to set clear goals and manage by milestones
  • Identify key competencies of their team and know how to use them to improve operating efficiency
  • Know how to manage and motivate individuals
  • Be able to confidently delegate tasks and ask for help
  • Understand how to bring different personality types and competencies together to create an effective team
  • Know why what motivates one person may not motivate another
  • Manage a team at different stages of its lifecycle
  • Understand the importance of concentrating on doing the right things rather than solely on doing things right
  • Be able to confidently hold an appraisal to get the best results for the individual and the company as a whole



Make a booking or enquire:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call Leanne on 07789 908592



07789 908592

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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