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confident ladyCourse duration:

2 full days 



Price available on request 



Can be run as an in-house course or training facilities can be sourced 


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Course Overview

This is an intense 2 day course covering topics such as:  Assertiveness skills; personality profiling; time management; administration tools; communication skills and many more essential techniques and tools to help you excel as a PA


Topics Covered:


Keep Out (with a smile)

Your manager is incredibly busy so preventing unwanted interruptions is a major part of your role.  Dealing with unwanted visitors with tact and diplomacy is hard, especially when there’s a queue of senior people waiting for an important meeting with your boss so they can make a strategic decision.  During this training course we will show you how to manage these uncomfortable situations.  You’ll learn how to ensure your boss only deals with important issues and visitors leave your office in good humour.


The Artful Juggler

Very few people in industry have to juggle as many activities as a successful PA.  Continually juggling multiple tasks can be stressful.  Every task is considered important at your level so which one will you address first and what will be the impact of leaving other tasks?  We will provide you with various strategies to help you manage priority tasks without losing sight of the other items on your ‘to do’ and show you some techniques to alleviate stressful situations.


Using Tools of the Trade

Microsoft Outlook is a PA’s best friend.  During this session we will provide you with a top level overview of how to utilise Outlook to your advantage.  From managing projects through to managing multiple diaries we’ll show you how to make the most of your time by simplify and automating activities.


One Size Does Not Fit All

If you are working for a number of managers you may notice that what you do for one manager doesn’t always have the same impact on another.  We’ll share with you some technique on how to communicate with different personality types, manage different ways of working, and deal with difficult characters ensuring that all needs are catered for and your stress levels remain low.


The Chameleon PA

As a PA it is your duty to be a competent communicator.  You have to be friendly and approachable yet detached at the same time.  You have to secure the trust of your boss and those around you yet it is your duty to disclose issues to your boss that will affect the business.   In some respects you have to be a chameleon and blend in with your surroundings confidently communicating with personnel at all levels in your organisation.  During this training course you will learn how to identify personality types, mirror behaviour, and how enhance your communication skills to your advantage.



Benefit To The Organisation:   

  • PAs who are efficient and effective in their role naturally make their bosses efficient and effective
  • Improved gatekeeper capabilities leads to less interruptions
  • Time Management skills mean that focus is given to priority tasks and deadlines are met
  • As the PA confidence grows so to does their ability to work smarter rather than harder


Who should attend: 


  • You hold a key position in the organisation.  Without your support senior executives can not function fully in their role.  They need you to be their eyes and ears.  They need you to think ahead and plan their days for them.  You are their counsel; they need to be able to trust you with important and confidential information.  A PA’s role can be stressful but do it right and the sense of achievement is immeasurable.

  • Whether you are an Administration Officer considering a PA role, a newly recruited PA or Office Manager, or a PA’s who are feeling stressed and under valued this course will provide you will skills and techniques to help you excel in your career  whilst remaining calm and assertive


Make a booking or enquire:

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Call Leanne on 07789 908592



 07789 908592

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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