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leadership trainingIt is not enough to be a good manager of people you have to be a good leader too as the position brings with it a wealth of responsibility and accountability -  underperforming in this role can be catastrophic not only for the company but for the individual and their direct line reports!


Despite this great responsibility many people are thrown into the role without training or assistance simply because they were 'good at their job' or 'good with people'. 


Lack of training, high expectations and a strong belief that 'failure is not an option' creates an unnecessarily stressful environment not only for the manager but for the whole department and often results in poor performance, illness, and burn out.


To be an excellent leader and manager requires a commitment to learning and development and our courses, coaching, and programs are all designed to accompany and help you through this exceptional journey! 


Click on the titles below to determine which one is right for you at this moment in time:


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Fast Track Introduction To Management

A quick practical guide to management for those who are time poor or have been doing the job for a while and just want to cement their experience and confirm they are on the right lines. View course outline

New To Management

This course is a roadmap for newbee managers or those aspiring to this role.  It will guide you through the principles and provide you with practical tools to help you hit the ground running. View course outline

Coaching As A Style Of Management

When you micro manage you restrict the growth of your department and disempower your team.  This course will teach you techniques that will enable you to empowering your people and thereby allow you to have more time for your people. 

Learning To Lead

People will follow you anywhere if they have respect, trust and faith in their leader and this course provides you with the tools to live up to their expectations.

Circle of Influence Mastering Management

There is nothing more powerful than meeting in a confidential environment with other astute business people. This annual program takes you on a practical management journey alonside other like minded managers so you can all learn, inspire and share best practices with each other whilst achieving incredible results! View program outline

There's No I In TEAM

A manager is only as good as their team so this course will equip you with the key skills to ensure you surround yourself with talented individuals that not only work well on their own but produce outstanding results when working collectively with their colleagues.

To improve your own personal performance you may also be interested in our Emotional Intelligence/Soft Skills Training Courses



It’s our aim to make your life easier so please contact us to learn more about how we can support you. Call Leanne Flower directly 07789 908592, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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