New to management course outline

course outline

Duration:  1 Day


Transitioning to management is often challenging as you learn to step back from getting ‘stuck in’.


An effective manager is good at planning, prioritising, budgeting, and motivating the team to work together towards an ambitious goal. These skills need to be developed so now is the time to invest in yourself and get great results for you, your team, and the business.


This course is designed for individuals aspiring to become a manager or those who have stumbled into management and have had little or no training to help them through the transition from employee to manager.


alient management concepts are covered but in quick bite size chunks making this a perfect course for time poor new managers, those who just want an introduction to help them through the early days of management, or managers who have been doing the job for a while and would like to cement their current experience and confirm they are on the right lines.


Ideal For:


    • Individuals seeking a promotion into a management role
    • Managers who are new to their role and want to learn how to improve the productivity of their team
    • Managers and leaders looking to improve their influencing skills
    • New managers who need support whilst they make the transaction from staff to manager


Course Outcome:


    • Cite 3 basic principles of management
    • Documented a departmental goal with SMART objectives
    • Outline a strategy of how to motivate your team
    • A tool kit to manage your employees
    • A task plan consisting of actions to improve your department KPIs


Course Content


Introduction to Leadership & Management

    • Understanding the difference between leadership and management
    • The characteristics of a good manager
    • Why setting clear goals with SMART objectives goals motivates teams and improves performance


Managing and Motivating Individuals

    • An introduction to motivation theory and understanding the importance of a happy and motivated workforce
    • Understanding and communicating with different personality types
    • The power of understanding how people learn and how to speak to them in their modality
    • Influencing skills – how to quickly get staff to support you by building rapport, talking to them in their language and ensuring you present your case in a win win manner


Managing Effective Teams

    • Introduction to the theory of teams
    • Managing teams at different stages of the team’s life cycle
    • Creating and managing high performing teams


Assertiveness and Delegation Skills

    • The importance of effective delegation skills
    • How to say No without saying No
    • Understanding boundaries
    • Learning when it’s okay to ask for opinions and when it’s okay to say “This is what we are going to do”