An Introduction To Project Management Skills

Introduction to project management course 2 eurika northamptonshire, buckinghamshire, leicestershire, warwickshire, london

course outline

Duration:  1 Day


Projects are one off pieces of work that require careful management to ensure they complete on time, to specification, and within budget.

This course is designed to provide an introduction and an easy step by step guide to managing a project from start to finish.


Ideal For:


    • Individuals tasked to take on additional responsibility of managing one off small to medium sized projects
    • Employees who have previously managed a small / medium sized project but felt overwhelmed by the experience
    • Ambitious employees who are looking to add an extra dimension to their core skill set
    • Individuals who generally want to improve their project management skills


Course Outcome:


    • An overall appreciation of the steps involved in managing a project
    • Know how to determine the viability of a project
    • Plan a project and determine it’s critical path
    • Understand how to manage each stage of a project
    • Appreciate how to recruit and manage a project team
    • Be able to apply the information learnt to a real life project example
    • Feel confident about taking ownership of a new project
    • Have a tool kit to handle difficult conversations & customer complaints


Course Content


    • What is project management?
    • The project manager’s role and skill set required
    • Simple steps to successfully manage a project
      • Determining the purpose and viability of the project – boundaries, budgets, business case
      • Creating and presenting your Project Plan – why, what, when, who …
      • Kick starting your project – feasibility, identifying risks, redefining project scope & measures
      • Performing the activities – managing people and activities, managing budgets and recording costs, re-assessing and managing risks, measuring and checking progress
      • Closing the project – completing paperwork, handing over the project, post project review
    • Managing Stakeholders – expectations & engagement
    • Composing a communication strategy and choosing your communication tools
    • Overview of project management methodologies and software tools