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Personal Transformation Coaching

Perfect If you:

  • Value a confidential conversation to air your concerns and work through challenges
  • Need a motivation or confidence boost
  • Would value working through a creative idea in a safe space
  • Have hit your upper limit and need assistance working though your glass ceiling
  • Stuck in a rut and need to work through creative solutions

business coaching

We work with business owners and leaders in various ways:

  • One to one coaching sessions
  • Group coaching sessions (Circle of Influence)
  • Via Retreats.

Examples of How Business Coaching Can Help

  • Helping new start-ups needing support to stay focussed and work through a business plan
  • Growing small medium enterprises aiming to take business to the next level and overcome growth challenges
  • Thriving businesses looking to expand their business, work through a 5 year growth plan or exit strategy.
business coaching with eurika northamptonshire, buckinghamshire

Career Coaching

Ideal IF:

  • You’ve had a career break to have your children and need help returning to work
  • You want to start a new career
  • You desire a better career or position
  • If you would like a confidence boost to help you ask for that big promotion or pay rise you know you deserve
  • Outplacement solution if you have to make redundancies
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