Working Mum…away with the fairies

WORKING MUM AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES coaching book for working mums and career women by Leanne Flower





Time poor and stressed?

Feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your family and friends?

Think you’re going to get ‘found out’ at work – looking like you are in control but actually feeling that you’re not?

Wondering how other working mums manage their career and family commitments?

Confronted with an overwhelming to do list for work and home, Laura is struggling to figure out how she can keep up the facade of being in control. Unable to sleep, and sobbing in the hallway, she is rescued by Flo and Hope: the Working Mum’s fairies. Via the power of magic time travel, Laura spends time with working mums who take it in turn to share their practical lessons on how they mastered the art of managing their work and home life.

Based on true coaching client stories, but told in a fun “story telling” way, this practical book is a very easy read and takes very little time to absorb the powerful, life changing coaching lessons shared.


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