Our Story – Why I started helping Mums

Why I started helping mums

In 2007 my workload was intense and I needed to recruit administration support.

I asked mums around the school playground if they knew anyone who would be interested.

“I am” replied a mum.

I asked for her experience.

“I’m a qualified accountant with Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) but I haven’t worked for 8 years. I don’t know if I can manage work and home life or have the confidence to return to a big career. This job would help ease me in gently”

I couldn’t believe my luck and signed her up immediately.

Over the next three months I saw her shake on the first day of work, struggle with a new computer system, manage a sick child with work commitment, and then … watch her bloom!

I knew there and then that I needed to help other mums have self belief and regain their confidence.

I’m on a mission to bring working mums (and aspiring working mums) together to inspire and support each other so we can all, in turn, continue to be the women we were born to be.

Join me won’t you?


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